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Why Do All Teachers Need LockDown Browser App?

This is a secure browser created to protect students while taking online assessments. It is designed to prevent cheating by blocking access to other programs and websites.

This is a web application for help educators monitor student, their online activity on exams. It used to prevent cheating on LockDown Browser Linux online exams. LockDown Browser download can be used to block access to websites and applications that are not authorized for the exam. It also allows educators to track their activity, monitor progress on exam.


This is very easy to use. The interface is simple and straightforward. All of the buttons and functions are easy to find and use.

LockDown Browser Mac has a simple, intuitive interface. The main screen displays the list of websites and applications. The student can click on any of the websites or applications to view the details. The educator can also view their activity, progress on the exam.


This is very user-friendly. The interface is easy to understand and the buttons are easy to find and use. LockDown Browser is very reliable, not freeze.

This is easy to use. The student can simply click on the websites or applications that are blocked for the exam. The educator can track the student's activity and progress during the exam.


This is a very functional program. It blocks access to other programs and websites, which prevents cheating. It is also very reliable and does not crash or freeze.

Download LockDown Browser is a secure that can be used to prevent cheating during online exams. It also allows educators to track student activity and monitor their progress during the exam.


The application has excellent support. There is a help section on the website that provides clear instructions on how to use the program. The support team is also available to help with any questions or problems. LockDown Browser download Free is supported by a team of experts who are available 24/7 to help educators manage and monitor student online activity during exams.


  1. In Private Mode, the app does not keep a log of your browsing history. All your browsing history is cleared whenever you end a Private browsing session.
  2. LockDown Browser does not save any cookies from your browsing history to your device's internal storage. All cookies are cleared you end browsing session.
  3. The app does not cache images from websites you've visited. All images are immediately deleted whenever you end session.
  4. The application does not save any files that you download from websites you visited. All files are immediately deleted.
  5. LockDown Browser app does not save any data entered into forms on websites you visited. All data is immediately deleted you end a session.
  6. Prevents websites from tracking your browsing behavior by randomizing your device's MAC address.


  • What is LockDown Browser?
    This is a secure application that is designed to prevent cheating in online assessments. This can used for online assessment.
  • How is it different from other secure browsers?
    This is the most popular secure application for preventing cheating in online assessments. This is designed to prevent students from accessing any websites or applications that could allow them to cheat in their assessments.This can also be used to monitor student activity during assessments, which helps educators detect any cheating that may occur.
  • How do I install LockDown Browser?
    It can be installed on any computer that will be used for online assessments. It can be installed on Windows and Mac computers, and it is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.
  • How do I use this app?
    It can be used for any online assessment that requires secure student testing. Once LockDown Browser is installed, it will automatically launch when you open the assessment website. You can also launch it manually by clicking on the icon in the taskbar.
  • How do I configure LockDown Browser?
    It can be configured to meet the specific needs of your online assessment. You can configure it to allow or block specific websites and applications, and you can also enable or disable student monitoring.
  • How do I contact support for LockDown Browser?
    If you need help installing, using, or configuring the application, you can contact the support team by email or phone. The support team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or problems you may have.


Overall, LockDown Browser download Windows is an excellent program that is easy to use and very reliable. It is a great tool for preventing cheating and provides excellent support.

The app is a secure application designed to help prevent students from accessing inappropriate download LockDown Browser Windows websites and content while on school computers. The app is easy to use and includes online support from Atomic Learning.

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